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user (2023-04-06 14:32:49): how to talk effectively in interview

assistant (2023-04-06 14:32:58): Here are some tips to talk effectively in an interview:

  1. Prepare thoroughly by researching the company and role. Being well-informed about the company and role shows your interest and enthusiasm.

  2. Structure your answers. Organize your thoughts into a logical flow or structure. This makes you seem more coherent and confident. For example:

  • I understood the question to be asking about X
  • My approach would be Y, for reasons A, B, C
  • A potential challenge could be Z, which I would handle by doing D
  1. Provide concrete examples. Illustrate your points with relevant examples from your past experience. This brings your answers to life and shows how you’ve handled similar situations.

  2. Highlight relevant skills. Include key skills and experiences listed in the job requirements and speak to how you are a strong match. For example, if collaboration is a requirement and you have a collaborative work style, mention that.

  3. Ask good questions. Having some thoughtful questions ready shows your interest and enthusiasm. You can ask about challenges in the role, growth opportunities, company goals, etc.

  4. Be enthusiastic and smile. Display a positive attitude and energy to demonstrate your passion for the work.

That’s my view on how to talk effectively in an interview. Feel free to modify the suggestions as needed. Let me know if you would like me to elaborate on any of the points.

user (2023-04-06 14:35:23): how to avoid emotion when you are asked offensive question during interview?

assistant (2023-04-06 14:35:33): Here are some tips to avoid getting emotional when asked offensive questions in an interview:

  1. Stay professional. Remember that the interviewer’s question is not a personal attack. Do not take it personally and remain professional in your response.

  2. Do not get defensive. Avoid getting defensive or arguing with the interviewer. Respond objectively and factually instead of emotionally.

  3. Redirect to your relevant skills. You can redirect the question to highlight your relevant skills and experiences. For example, if asked about your age or family, you could say “Let’s focus on my experience and qualifications for this role.” Then, steer the conversation towards your background and skills.

  4. Politely push back if needed. If you feel uncomfortable with a question, it is okay to politely push back. You could say something like “I’m not sure how that question is relevant to my qualifications for this role. Can you please rephrase it or ask me about my skills or experience instead?”

  5. Report if inappropriate. If an interviewer’s questions make you feel deeply uncomfortable, report the incident to the organization or career services after the interview. But in the interview itself, remain professional and composed if possible.

Overall, staying professional and redirecting to your skills are good strategies to handle offensive questions without getting emotional. The key is not to take the question personally and not let it derail you from demonstrating why you’re a strong candidate.