install webhook

apt install webhook

config system.

check the config path using sudo systemctl status webhook

after install, change the default ExecStart as show below.


a. the the default -hooks webhook.conf does not tell the format is json or yaml. (I tried to use webhook.yaml or webhook.yml, neither of them works.)

b. versbose to show the log, check the log using sudo journalctl -u webhook -f

Description=Small server for creating HTTP endpoints (hooks)

ExecStart=/usr/bin/webhook -nopanic -hotreload -verbose -hooks /home/hwu/dev/webhook/config/webhook.json 


write your first webhook


    "id": "simpleone",
    "execute-command": "/home/hwu/dev/webhook/config/commands/",
    "command-working-directory": "/home/hwu/dev/webhook/",
    "response-message": "Executing simple webhook..."


app:~/dev/webhook$ cat config/commands/
touch `date --rfc-3339=date`.txt

make sure the dir and command path is valid. then go to


and check the command run dir, see if correct file is touched.

valid user input using trigger-rule