change a word from camelCase to snake_case in nvim

change word from camelCase to snake_case using Lua

string.gsub(word, "(%u)", "_%1" )

write a lua function

local api = vim.api
local M = {}

function M.snake_case()
    -- expand('<cword>') to get the current word under cursor
    local current_word ='expand','<cword>') 
    -- change case
    local snake_case_word = string.gsub(current_word, "(%u)", "_%1" )
    -- diw delete in word
    -- i insert
    -- and add snake_case_word
    vim.cmd("normal! diwi" ..  snake_case_word)

return M

call the function

:lua require'hao'.snake_case()

However, it seems not worth the trouble to write such a long command to change the case.

Of Course, there is a better way. stay tuned.