So how to you think about a figure, event or an idea?

First, it is based on how many data information you have about it. How real the data is.

Second, the way you think about it.

Last, The enviroment you are in.

for all those part, proabably we do not have much control?

especially, the first part, are all the media tell the real story? are the history book?

several days ago, my collegeas and I set together talk about Neopolian.

The American say when they watch a move about frensh revoluation. A fresh saw it and say, those are not what we think about it. The American say Nepolian is a very negetive figure in their history book.

It is intereting that in our history book, Neoplian is a postitive figure (at least in my understanding).

We than talk about North Korea. The americans have a very crazy idea about it, proabably because american mediea only report the most extrem cases.

Similar to their opinion to China.

For the another side, probably a lot of Chinese’s impresssion to American is also not right, either.