I am on the OMCS program. My experience in Reinforcemeng Learning remind me of the situation I was in graduate school. Before the exam, trying to review the material, but can not focus.

I was planing to go for a PhD in the future, but that is unlikely. It is waste of time and I no longer want to be in the aniety of exams.

I often feel why I make my life so hard.

PS: my review for RL I do not enjoy the class at all compared to others reviewers. most of time, can not even understand the homework. I get all of them right so far(first 4hw, all 100%), but mostly I find what is going on by read the discussion and hint by others. Maybe I do not like abstract thing that much. For people who are more practical oriented, probably this is not what you want. I was thinking about dropping the class totally before I finish 4th hw, but it is too later.